Charity Crusade

Music Tears Down Bullying

I developed this website to support kids/teens like me that have been bullied. I want to help others to get through the tough path that you have been through.  I want you to learn to forgive the ones who hurt you, no matter the cost. I personally have already forgiven the ones who have hurt/bullied me. To be honest, it is a long, and hard road to take, but worth it in the end.

The issues never started in school, (that came later on) but in music class. I never said or did anything wrong, I just sang; that is normally where phase one commences. Whether it is with a musical instrument, or any form of art, you will be brutally hurt, till you come to build thick skin. You must learn to build that thick skin, by facing you’re worst nightmare right in the heart of the problem, the bully itself. That does not mean you counter bully that person. You simply do not show you’re anger, fear, sickness or any sort of emotion you feel about that person. You must be the bigger person in this sort of situation, no matter what they say or do to put you’re self-esteem to a below zero. Never stoop to there low, or you are no better then them. If they talk to you, reply with nice conversation.

Note to the parents

This website was developed to help people express their challenges when being bullied and how they overcome them. Parents, we need to help our children understand that every child has a great and different talent. Please get them to focus on their talent but not by tearing other talented kids down. Competitions are a good thing it can help them develop. Encourage them to compete with a positive sportsmanship not with a poor attitude against other kids.  This charity is to help develop a more positive environment for kids using music as their power. We will be developing programs to help children express their challenges through music.

We want to hear your story. Email us. Please keep it clean, as we post it as we read them. Look forward to hearing from you.

We will continue to post new items onto this website as it develops.